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What Is Puppet and Object Theatre?
Using puppets and/or object theatre, a bridge between theatre, visual art and puppetry, Loren Kahn Puppet and Object Theater brings to life a hilarious and magical world, which delights tiny children and provokes reflection in teenagers and grownups.

The Object Theatre movement began in the 80s in Europe and uses objects as symbols and metaphors to explore association of ideas. Loren first saw it at European puppetry festivals in the 90s.

Loren Kahn, puppeteer, and Isabelle Kessler, object theatre creator, also offer instruction on puppetry and object theatre techniques.

Loren Kahn Puppet and Object Theater present their shows in versatile settings—like the back of a bike, or a stage that the puppeteer wears! We'll help you plan the perfect show or class for your organization, whether it's a theatre, school, library, hospital, community center, day care center, and or just about anything else you might come up with.




Who is Isabelle Kessler?
Object Theater Creator and Director Isabelle Kessler is a talented veteran of European and American theater. She exercises her creative talent with everything from classic stage productions to toddler-friendly romps, to grand street theater involving 15 brides and 22 movie projectors.

Isabelle started in her native France 25 years ago, and has produced around 40 plays since then. Isabelle managed Phenomene Tsé-Tsé with Francesca Sorgato. Isabelle and Francesca produced dozens of spectacles over a decade, all over Europe. Isabelle brought innovation to the European Object Theater movement until 2000, when she moved to the United States. Today, she and Loren Kahn perform all over the US, Canada and Europe.

email: isabelle@lorenkahnpuppet.comgo...




Who is Loren Kahn?
Loren Kahn started out as an anthropologist, but departed academe in 1973 to travel through the western US, working as a street puppeteer. She never looked back.

Loren has collaborated with several puppet companies, performed solo and as an artist-in-residence, and now she directs her own puppet theater in Albuquerque. In 1994, Loren was performing at two international puppet festivals in Germany, when she saw "Homage," an object theatre play for ages four to seven, created by Isabelle.

Loren and Isabelle have been working together ever since, and Loren Kahn Puppet and Object Theatre now offers puppet and object theatre performances for every age, venue, and schedule.

email: loren@lorenkahnpuppet.comgo...

Made possible in part by McCune Charitable Foundation, the City of Albuquerque's Urban Enhancement Trust Fund, and the Albuquerque Community Foundation.

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